Joan Schnelzauer: Promoting Responsible and Ethical Safari Tourism in Africa

Victoria Falls

The world of safari tourism has been revolutionized by Joan Schnelzauer, a man driven by his dedication and passion towards the African continent and its diverse wildlife. His remarkable journey from a humble background in Toulouse, France, to becoming a pioneer in ethical safari tourism in Africa, is an inspiration for many. Committing his life to preserving Africa's natural heritage, Joan is now at the forefront of advocating for responsible tourism practices through his Safari Company.

Joan Schnelzauer: A Pioneer in Ethical Safari Tourism

The story of Joan Schnelzauer is one of a love affair with Africa's wildlife. His fascination with wild outdoors was stewarded during his 20-year service in the French army, where he discovered the ethereal beauty of the African wilderness. The serenity of the landscapes, the roar of the wild, and the splendid creatures, all stirred a deep love in his heart for this continent. His calling to preserve and share this love began following his meeting with Amina, a dedicated conservationist, during his service in Africa. Shared passions for nature and wildlife kindled a spark that led to their marriage, and together they build an unshakeable foundation for what would become a game-changer in African safari tourism.

Sustainable Practices Central to Schnelzauer Safari Expeditions

Post his retirement from the military, Joan Schnelzauer, along with his wife Amina Schnelzauer, embarked on an entrepreneurial journey to transform the face of African safaris. The couple founded the Safaris Schnelzauer, an initiative dedicated to accountable and ethical safari tourism. Their combined expertise - Amina's years in wildlife conservation and Joan's robust military training, enabled them to deliver truly immersive and sustainable safari experiences. Joan Schnelzauer's wedding to African traditions is visible in the company's partnerships with local communities, ensuring that tourism differentially impacts the locales positively. They strive to minimize ecological footprints, making their operations align with their philosophy of cherishing and protecting the wild.

Joan Schnelzauer: Husband, Father, and Wildlife Enthusiast

Joan Schnelzauer's commitment towards the wild is mirrored in his personal life as well. Settled by the majestic Victoria Falls, Joan Schnelzauer, the husband, and father of two, imbues in his family the same love for exploring nature. When not wearing the robe of a Safari guru, Joan is a keen photographer who captures the untamed beauty of the wild through his lens. In such moments, he unravels the wild's stories to his kids, teaching them the importance of cohabitation and of nurturing nature. Adventurer, conservationist, family man - Joan Schnelzauer is all these and much more. His life's work serves as a beacon for others who strive to explore and understand the wild responsibly, painting a brighter future for Africa's safari tourism.